What's New

CUPTI contains a number of changes and new features as part of the CUDA Toolkit 6.0 release.
  • Two new CUPTI activity kinds have been introduced to enable two new types of source-correlated data collection. The Instruction Execution kind collects SASS-level instruction execution counts, divergence data, and predication data. The Shared Access kind collects source correlated data indication inefficient shared memory accesses.
  • CUPTI now provides support for CUDA applications using Unified Memory. A new activity record reports Unified Memory activity such as transfers to and from a GPU and the number of Unified Memory related page faults.
  • CUPTI now recognized and reports the special MPS context that is used by CUDA applications running on a system with MPS enabled.
  • The CUpti_ActivityContext activity record has been updated in a backwards compatible manner. See Context Activity Record for more information.
  • To ensure that metric values are calculated as accurately as possible, a new metric API is introduced. Function cuptiMetricGetRequiredEventGroupSets can be used to get the groups of events that should be collected at the same time.
  • Execution overheads introduced by CUPTI have been dramatically decreased.
  • The new activity buffer API introduced in CUDA Toolkit 5.5 is now required. The legacy cuptiActivityEnqueueBuffer and cuptiActivityDequeueBuffer functions have been removed.

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