DIGITS Release 6.0

Key Features and Enhancements

The DIGITS 6.0 release includes the following key features and enhancements. These enhancements are new since version 5.0.
  • Added TensorFlow support for DIGITS
  • Added TensorBoard support for DIGITS
  • Updated documentation for how to use TensorFlow inside DIGITS
  • Added Siamese Network examples in DIGITS with TensorFlow, Caffe, and Torch
  • Updated auto-encoder, binary-segmentation, fine-tuning, and regression with TensorFlow support
  • Added LeNet, AlexNet, and GoogLeNet template models for TensorFlow
  • Added GANS Model in the Model store
  • Added U-Net Model in Model store
  • Added tutorial for DICOM data ingestion
  • Added support for URL prefix
  • Fixed issues with loading and saving TensorFlow models

Using DIGITS 6.0

Ensure you are familiar with TensorFlow, TensorFlow API, and the TensorFlow workflow.

Known Issues

  • Tensorflow models were found to be taking slightly longer to train than Torch and Caffe.
  • GANS cannot take advantage of multi-GPU set-ups.