Parakeet CTC Riva 0.6b


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Parakeet CTC Riva NIM provides state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition (ASR) models, capable of transcribing spoken English with exceptional accuracy. Parakeet CTC Riva 0.6b en-US is a speech-to-text model that transcribes input speech in English alphabets. It is an XL version of the FastConforme It is an XL version of the FastConformer CTC model.

Key benefits of Parakeet:

  • State-of-the-art accuracy: Superior WER performance across diverse audio sources and domains with strong robustness to non-speech segments.

  • Open-source and extensibility: Built on NVIDIA NeMo, allowing for seamless integration and customization.

  • Pre-trained checkpoints: Ready-to-use model for inference or fine-tuning.

  • Permissive license: Released under CC-BY-4.0 license, model checkpoints can be used in any commercial application.


An example input speech for AI-generated translation


A more detailed description of the model can be found in the Model Card.

Model Specific Requirements

The following are specific requirements for Parakeet CTC Riva NIM.


Please refer to NVIDIA NIM documentation for necessary hardware, operating system, and software prerequisites if you have not done so already.


  • H100 or A100 or L40 GPU


  • Minimum NVIDIA Driver Version: 535

Once the above requirements have been met, you will use the QuickStart guide to pull the NIM container, pull the GPU-specific model and run the NIM.

Quickstart Guide


This page assumes Prerequisite Software (Docker, NGC CLI, NGC registry access) is installed and set up.

  1. Pull the NIM container.

    docker pull
  2. Set GPU_TYPE to indicate your GPU. For H100 GPU, use h100x1. For A100 GPU, use a100x1. For L40, use l40x1.

    export GPU_TYPE=h100x1
  3. Prepare a directory for model download.

    1export MODEL_REPOSITORY=~/nim_model
    2mkdir -p ${MODEL_REPOSITORY}
  4. Pull GPU-specific model.

    ngc registry model download-version nvidia/nim/parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b:en-us_${GPU_TYPE}_fp16_24.03 --dest ${MODEL_REPOSITORY}
  5. Run the NIM container in detached mode.

    1docker run -d --rm --name riva-speech \
    2--runtime=nvidia -e CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 \
    3--shm-size=1G \
    4-v ${MODEL_REPOSITORY}/parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b_ven-us_${GPU_TYPE}_fp16_24.03:/config/models/parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b-en-us \
    5-e MODEL_REPOS="--model-repository /config/models/parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b-en-us" \
    6-p 50051:50051 \ start-riva
  6. Run gRPC Health check. This will return “status”: “SERVING” when the service is ready for inference. It may take a few minutes for the service to start completely.

    docker run --rm --net host fullstorydev/grpcurl -plaintext -H "content-type: application/grpc"
  7. Once the service is ready, run inference with the provided sample speech file in the container.

    docker exec riva-speech python3 /opt/riva/examples/ --server  --input-file /opt/riva/wav/en-US_sample.wav

Available Models


GPU Model

Number of GPUs


Memory Footprint

File Size





6 GB

2 GB





6 GB

2 GB





6 GB

2 GB

Detailed Instructions

This section provides additional details outside of the scope of the Quickstart Guide.

Throughout these instructions, we will define bash variables that we will reuse:

4# Set GPU_TYPE to indicate your GPU. For H100 GPU, use "h100x1". For A100 GPU, use "a100x1". For L40, use "l40x1".
5export GPU_TYPE=h100x1

Pull Container Image

  1. Container image tags follow the versioning of YY.MM, similar to other container images on NGC. You may see different values under “Tags:”. These docs were written based on the latest available at the time.

    ngc registry image info
     1Image Repository Information
     2Name: speech_nim
     3Display Name: speech_nim
     4Short Description: RIVA NIM
     5Built By:
     7Multinode Support: False
     8Multi-Arch Support: False
    10Labels: NVIDIA AI Enterprise Supported
    11Public: No
    12Access Type:
    13Associated Products: []
    14Last Updated: Mar 14, 2024
    15Latest Image Size: 6.38 GB
    16Signed Tag?: False
    17Latest Tag: 24.03
    19    24.03
    20    24.03nightly
  2. Pull the container image

    docker pull
    ngc registry image pull

Pull GPU-specific Model

  1. Model tags follow the versioning of repository:version. The model is called parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b and the version follows the naming pattern <LANG_CODE>_<GPU_TYPE>x<NUM_GPUS>_<precision>_YY.MM.x. Additional versions are available and can be seen by running the following the NGC command line command:

    ngc registry model list nvidia/nim/parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b:*
  2. Pull model optimized for the specific GPU. Make sure you have set GPU_TYPE as mentioned in the previous section.

    ngc registry model download-version nvidia/nim/parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b:en-us_${GPU_TYPE}_fp16_24.03

Launch Microservice

Launch the container. Start-up may take a couple of minutes until the service is available.

1docker run -d --rm --name riva-speech \
2--runtime=nvidia -e CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 \
3--shm-size=1G \
4-v ${MODEL_DIRECTORY}/parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b_ven-us_${GPU_TYPE}_fp16_24.03:/config/models/parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b-en-us \
5-e MODEL_REPOS="--model-repository /config/models/parakeet-ctc-riva-0-6b-en-us" \
6-p 50051:50051 \ start-riva

This starts the service with gRPC endpoint in a detached container by the name riva-speech. Refer to Riva ASR APIs for API documentation.

(Optional): Container logs can be checked using the command below.

docker logs riva-speech

You should see a log similar to the one shown below, which indicates the successful deployment of the service.

I0306 10:40:55.868216   253] Riva Conversational AI Server listening on

Health and Liveness Checks

The container exposes gRPC health service for integration into existing systems such as Kubernetes. Remember, it may take a few minutes to load the model and initialize the service completely.

docker run --rm --net host fullstorydev/grpcurl -plaintext -H "content-type: application/grpc"

Once the service is ready for inference, the above command will show the below output.

2"status": "SERVING"

Run Inference

Interacting with the Parakeet CTC Riva requires the use of a Python client to send audio data to the NIM. The NIM container contains the Python client, sample code and sample data which can be used to test the NIM by calling python3 /opt/riva/examples/ --server  --input-file /opt/riva/wav/en-US_sample.wav. The following instructions describe how to install and use the Riva Python client outside of the container in your local environment.

  1. Install the Riva Python client package

    1. Install pip if required

      sudo apt-get install python3-pip
    2. Install Riva client package

      pip install nvidia-riva-client
  2. Download Riva sample client

    2git clone
  3. Run Speech to Text inference

    1. In case you do not have a speech file available, you can use a sample speech file provided in the container. Riva server supports Mono, 16-bit audio in WAV, OPUS and FLAC formats.

      1cd ${MODEL_DIRECTORY}
      3# Copy sample speech file from container to host
      4docker cp riva-speech:/opt/riva/wav/en-US_sample.wav .
    2. Run streaming inference client. Input speech file is streamed to the service chunks-by-chunk and the transcript returned by the service is printed on the terminal.

      python3 python-clients/scripts/asr/ --server --input-file en-US_sample.wav --language-code en-US

      Above command will print the transcript as shown below.

      ## what is natural language processing

Stopping the Container

When you’re done testing the endpoint, you can bring down the container by running the below command.

docker stop riva-speech

More Information

This NIM supports only the Parakeet CTC 0.6b model on H100, A100, & L40S. We will be expanding support for models and GPUs in the future. For deployment on other GPUs or deployment of other ASR models, refer to NVIDIA Riva which is a production-grade GPU accelerated inferencing solution for ASR available today.