Sizing Guide

Large Language Models are a heavily GPU-limited workflow. All LLMs are defined by the number of billions of parameters that make up their networks. For this workflow, we are focusing on the Llama 2 Chat models from Meta. These models come in three different sizes: 7B, 13B, and 70B. All three models perform very well, but the 13B model is a good balance of performance and GPU Memory utilization.

  • Llama2-7B-Chat requires about 30GB of GPU memory.

  • Llama2-13B-Chat requires about 50GB of GPU memory.

  • Llama2-70B-Chat requires about 320GB of GPU memory.

These resources can be provided by multiple GPUs on the same machine.

To perform retrieval augmentation, another model must be hosted. This model is much smaller and is called an embedding model. It is responsible for converting a sequence of words to a representation in the form of a vector of numbers. This model requires an additional 2GB of GPU memory.

In this workflow, Milvus was selected as the Vector Database. It was selected because Milvus has implemented the NVIDIA RAFT libraries that enable GPU acceleration of vector searches. For the Milvus database, allow an additional 4GB of GPU Memory.

Retrieval augmented generation workflows don’t typically have a lot of requirements for CPU and Memory. This workflow runs a handful of Microservices:

  • Jupyter Notebook Server

  • LLM Server

  • Milvus Etcd

  • Milvus Minio

  • Milvus

  • LangChain Service

  • Web Frontend Service

For development purposes, we recommend that at least 10 CPU Cores and 64 GB of RAM are available.

There are two main drivers for storage consumption in retrieval augmented generation. The model weights and the documents are in the vector database.

The file size of the model varies on how large the model is.

  • Llama2-7B-Chat requires about 30GB of storage.

  • Llama2-13B-Chat requires about 50GB of storage.

  • Llama2-70B-Chat requires about 150GB of storage.

The file space needed for the vector database varies by how many documents it will store. For development purposes, allocating 10 GB is plenty.

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