Desktop Application Basics

This is a graphical user interface installed on your primary local system, e.g. a laptop. Here are a few useful tips and flows for working with the Desktop App.

The main pattern

  • Start by selecting or adding a new Location in the main window, My Locations.

  • A separate window for the Location will open to the home tab, e.g. My Projects | local, and show the Projects on disk in that Location.

  • Selecting a Project in the main My Projects tab will open a tab for the Project in the Location window.

  • Closing the tab will close the Project. If the project container is running, it will be stopped.

Location conventions

  • You can have multiple Location windows open at the same time.

  • Closing the window will deactivate the Location and kill any active CLI sessions you have in that Location if no other windows have that location open.

Project conventions

  • You can have multiple Projects open in a Location Window.

  • Closing the Project will stop the Project container if it is running.

  • You cannot have the same Project in the same location open in multiple windows.

Integration conventions

  • Integrations are connected via the CLI or Desktop, and then they are available for use in all Locations and Projects.

  • An integration for a private GitLab server must first be created before it can be connected.

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