Local Ubuntu 22.04 Installation


Installing the Desktop Application will also automatically install the Command Line UI onto your system.

Before starting you should have a GitHub.com or a GitLab.com account.

  1. Check if you have appropriate support for AppImage by running.


    dpkg -s fuse libfuse2

    If they aren’t installed, install them by running.


    sudo apt update sudo apt install fuse libfuse2

  2. Go to the EA page, and check the box to agree to the EULA.

  3. In the Application Files section, select the Desktop App installer for your architecture (x-86 or arm64) and download it.

    • Download the file and make it executable. For example, you can make the file executable with the following command.


      chmod +x local/path/to/file/FileName

    • Next, double-click the file and an application window will open to guide you through the process.


    If the Ubuntu system has an NVIDIA GPU but no drivers are installed, NVIDIA AI Workbench will detect this and offer to install the latest drivers for you. If you select this option, you will need to reboot the system once the drivers are installed.


    If you do not want AI Workbench to install the drivers for you, then you will need to stop the installation process, install the drivers yourself, and reboot the system. After rebooting, you can restart the AI Workbench installation by double-clicking the NVIDIA AI Workbench icon on your desktop.

  4. Click the Begin Installation Button


  5. An AI Workbench icon will appear on your desktop.

  6. AI Workbench requires a container runtime. Select either Podman or Docker and click Next to continue.


  7. The selected container runtime and the other dependencies will be installed and you can follow the progress in the application window.

  8. When all dependencies are installed the Next button will turn green. Click it to continue.


  9. Select either GitHub or GitLab and click Next. You can also skip this part and connect to a Git server later.


    An authentication code will appear in the application window and a browser should open to a page where you can enter the code.

    Click the Authorize NVIDIA button to allow AI Workbench to access your namespace.


    A URL will appear in the application window and a browser should open to a page where you can authorize AI Workbench to access your GitLab repositories.

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