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Updating the AI Workbench client software itself will differ between the Beta release and the GA release. By GA, all manual aspects of updating the application will be replaced by over-the-air updates.

For Beta

Currently, updating the AI Workbench client software requires manually downloading the latest installer and re-running the new installer. Keep in mind that installing a new version of AI Workbench on your local system may break compatibility with other connected systems using older versions of AI Workbench. Thus, if updating one system to a newer version, it is highly recommended to update all other AI Workbench installations to the newer version as well.

To uninstall and/or update AI Workbench, most Windows users should consider running the following in the terminal:


$ wsl -d NVIDIA-Workbench -u root -- /home/workbench/.nvwb/bin/nvwb-cli uninstall --uid 1000 --gid 1000 $ wsl --unregister NVIDIA-Workbench // (optional) Run the updated installer.

To uninstall and/or update AI Workbench, most MacOS and Linux users should consider running the following in the terminal:


$ sudo $HOME/.nvwb/bin/nvwb-cli uninstall // (optional) Run the updated installer.

For remote systems without a graphical user interface, simply uninstall, drop in the newer binary versions into the /path/to/.nvwb/bin directory of your remote system and rerun the installation.

For GA

For the March 2024 GA, over-the-air updates will be supported and will automate much of the updating process above. More details are forthcoming for that release.

When working with projects in AI Workbench, there may be instances where the base container for a project needs to be updated to a newer version. For both Beta and GA, AI Workbench automatically takes care of this container versioning in the client software and will provide over-the-air notifications to users when an update is ready for a container. You may track this under the Environment tab for a project.


When an update becomes available, simply select the Update Container option on the Base section of the Environment tab of the project and follow any prompts.

To provide any feedback and/or to report any issues, please start a thread at the DevZone Members Only Forum located here. We would love to hear your feedback and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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