Struct Model

Struct Documentation

struct Model

AIAA Model.

Public Functions

std::string toJson(int space = 0) const

convert Model to JSON String

JSON String
  • space: If space > 0; then JSON string will be formatted accordingly


Default constructor.

Public Members

std::set<std::string> labels

Set of Label strings supported by this particular AIAA model.

std::string internal_name

Internal Name used by AIAA Server.

std::string description

Detailed description.

std::string name

Official Name for the AIAA Model. For example, this name shall be used for inference/dextr3d API.

double sigma

Sigma value used while training; This shall be used for dextr3d API.

double padding

Padding used while training images; This shall be used for dextr3d API.

std::vector<int> roi

Image ROI size used while training [x,y,z,w] Format; This shall be used for dextr3D API.

Public Static Functions

static Model fromJson(const std::string &json)

create Model from JSON String


{"labels": ["brain_tumor_core"], "internal name": "Dextr3dCroppedEngine", "description": "", "name": "Dextr3DBrainTC"}
  • json: JSON String.

Model object