19.7. Clara Stop RPC

Requests utilization data for all Clara Platform managed GPUs.

rpc Utilization(ClaraUtilizationRequest) returns (stream ClaraUtilizationResponse);

19.8. ClaraUtilizationRequest

message ClaraUtilizationRequest {
  RequestHeader header = 1;
  bool watch = 2;

19.8.1. Properties watch

type: bool

Determines if requested GPU utilization data is for a snapshot or streamed.

  • When true, GPU utilization metrics will be continuously streamed to the caller, until the caller terminates the connection.
  • When false, only a single snapshot of current GPU utilization will be provided.

19.9. ClaraUtilizationResponse

message ClaraUtilizationResponse {
  ResponseHeader header = 1;
  repeated GpuUtilization gpu_metrics = 2;

Clara Deploy SDK Pipelines service will respond to any utilization request with a ClaraUtilizationResponse message. Requestors can use the response message to determine the result of their request.

19.9.1. Properties header

type: message

Standard RPC response header.

See ResponseHeader for details. gpu_metrics

type: list

Utilization data for all Clara Platform managed GPUs.

See GpuUtilization for details.