3.16. CUpti_ActivityFunction Struct Reference

[CUPTI Activity API]

This activity records function name and corresponding module information. (CUPTI_ACTIVITY_KIND_FUNCTION).

Public Variables

uint32_t  contextId
uint32_t  functionIndex
uint32_t  id
CUpti_ActivityKind kind
uint32_t  moduleId
const char * name


uint32_t CUpti_ActivityFunction::contextId [inherited]

The ID of the context where the function is launched.

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityFunction::functionIndex [inherited]

The function's unique symbol index in the module.

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityFunction::id [inherited]

ID to uniquely identify the record

CUpti_ActivityKindCUpti_ActivityFunction::kind [inherited]

The activity record kind, must be CUPTI_ACTIVITY_KIND_FUNCTION.

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityFunction::moduleId [inherited]

The module ID in which this global/device function is present.

const char * CUpti_ActivityFunction::name [inherited]

The name of the function. This name is shared across all activity records representing the same kernel, and so should not be modified.