3.30. CUpti_ActivityMarker Struct Reference

[CUPTI Activity API]

The marker is specified with a descriptive name and unique id (CUPTI_ACTIVITY_KIND_MARKER). Marker activity is now reported using the CUpti_ActivityMarker2 activity record.

Public Variables

CUpti_ActivityFlag flags
uint32_t  id
CUpti_ActivityKind kind
const char * name
union CUpti_ActivityObjectKindId objectId
CUpti_ActivityObjectKind objectKind
uint64_t  timestamp


CUpti_ActivityFlagCUpti_ActivityMarker::flags [inherited]

The flags associated with the marker.

See also:


uint32_t CUpti_ActivityMarker::id [inherited]

The marker ID.

CUpti_ActivityKindCUpti_ActivityMarker::kind [inherited]

The activity record kind, must be CUPTI_ACTIVITY_KIND_MARKER.

const char * CUpti_ActivityMarker::name [inherited]

The marker name for an instantaneous or start marker. This will be NULL for an end marker.

union CUpti_ActivityObjectKindIdCUpti_ActivityMarker::objectId [inherited]

The identifier for the activity object associated with this marker. 'objectKind' indicates which ID is valid for this record.

CUpti_ActivityObjectKindCUpti_ActivityMarker::objectKind [inherited]

The kind of activity object associated with this marker.

uint64_t CUpti_ActivityMarker::timestamp [inherited]

The timestamp for the marker, in ns. A value of 0 indicates that timestamp information could not be collected for the marker.