3.50. CUpti_ActivityPCSampling Struct Reference

[CUPTI Activity API]

This activity records information obtained by sampling PC (CUPTI_ACTIVITY_KIND_PC_SAMPLING). PC sampling activities are now reported using the CUpti_ActivityPCSampling2 activity record.

Public Variables

uint32_t  correlationId
CUpti_ActivityFlag flags
uint32_t  functionId
CUpti_ActivityKind kind
uint32_t  pcOffset
uint32_t  samples
uint32_t  sourceLocatorId
CUpti_ActivityPCSamplingStallReason stallReason


uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPCSampling::correlationId [inherited]

The correlation ID of the kernel to which this result is associated.

CUpti_ActivityFlagCUpti_ActivityPCSampling::flags [inherited]

The properties of this instruction.

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPCSampling::functionId [inherited]

Correlation ID with global/device function name

CUpti_ActivityKindCUpti_ActivityPCSampling::kind [inherited]

The activity record kind, must be CUPTI_ACTIVITY_KIND_PC_SAMPLING.

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPCSampling::pcOffset [inherited]

The pc offset for the instruction.

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPCSampling::samples [inherited]

Number of times the PC was sampled with the stallReason in the record. The same PC can be sampled with different stall reasons.

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPCSampling::sourceLocatorId [inherited]

The ID for source locator.

CUpti_ActivityPCSamplingStallReasonCUpti_ActivityPCSampling::stallReason [inherited]

Current stall reason. Includes one of the reasons from CUpti_ActivityPCSamplingStallReason