3.54. CUpti_ActivityPCSamplingRecordInfo Struct Reference

[CUPTI Activity API]

This activity records information obtained by sampling PC (CUPTI_ACTIVITY_KIND_PC_SAMPLING_RECORD_INFO).

Public Variables

uint32_t  correlationId
uint64_t  droppedSamples
CUpti_ActivityKind kind
uint64_t  samplingPeriodInCycles
uint64_t  totalSamples


uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPCSamplingRecordInfo::correlationId [inherited]

The correlation ID of the kernel to which this result is associated.

uint64_t CUpti_ActivityPCSamplingRecordInfo::droppedSamples [inherited]

Number of samples that were dropped by hardware due to backpressure/overflow.

CUpti_ActivityKindCUpti_ActivityPCSamplingRecordInfo::kind [inherited]

The activity record kind, must be CUPTI_ACTIVITY_KIND_PC_SAMPLING_RECORD_INFO.

uint64_t CUpti_ActivityPCSamplingRecordInfo::samplingPeriodInCycles [inherited]

Sampling period in terms of number of cycles .

uint64_t CUpti_ActivityPCSamplingRecordInfo::totalSamples [inherited]

Number of times the PC was sampled for this kernel instance including all dropped samples.