3.55. CUpti_ActivityPreemption Struct Reference

[CUPTI Activity API]

This activity record represents a preemption of a CDP kernel.

Public Variables

uint32_t  blockX
uint32_t  blockY
uint32_t  blockZ
int64_t  gridId
CUpti_ActivityKind kind
uint32_t  pad
CUpti_ActivityPreemptionKind preemptionKind
uint64_t  timestamp


uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPreemption::blockX [inherited]

The X-dimension of the block that is preempted

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPreemption::blockY [inherited]

The Y-dimension of the block that is preempted

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPreemption::blockZ [inherited]

The Z-dimension of the block that is preempted

int64_t CUpti_ActivityPreemption::gridId [inherited]

The grid-id of the block that is preempted

CUpti_ActivityKindCUpti_ActivityPreemption::kind [inherited]

The activity record kind, must be CUPTI_ACTIVITY_KIND_PREEMPTION

uint32_t CUpti_ActivityPreemption::pad [inherited]

Undefined. Reserved for internal use.

CUpti_ActivityPreemptionKindCUpti_ActivityPreemption::preemptionKind [inherited]

kind of the preemption

uint64_t CUpti_ActivityPreemption::timestamp [inherited]

The timestamp of the preemption, in ns. A value of 0 indicates that timestamp information could not be collected for the preemption.