Release Notes

cuTensorNet v1.0.0

Compatibility notes:

  • cuTensorNet requires CUDA 11.x.

  • cuTensorNet requires cuTENSOR 1.5.0 or above.

  • cuTensorNet requires OpenMP runtime (GOMP).

  • cuTensorNet no longer requires NVIDIA HPC SDK.

Limitation notes:

  • If multiple slices are created, the order of contracting over slices using cutensornetContraction() should be ascending starting from slice 0. If parallelizing over slices manually (in any fashion: streams, devices, processes, etc.), please make sure the output tensors (that are subject to a global reduction) are zero-initialized.

cuTensorNet v0.1.0

  • Initial public release

  • Add support for Linux ppc64le

  • Add new APIs and functionalities for:

    • Fine-tuning the slicing algorithm

    • Reconfiguring a tensor network

    • Simplifying a tensor network

    • Optimizing pathfinder parameters using the hyperoptimizer

    • Retrieving the optimizer config parameters

  • API changes:

Compatibility notes:

  • cuTensorNet requires cuTENSOR 1.4.0 or above

  • cuTensorNet requires NVIDIA HPC SDK 21.11 or above

cuTensorNet v0.0.1

  • Initial release

  • Support Linux x86_64 and Linux Arm64

  • Support Volta and Ampere architectures (compute capability 7.0+)

Compatibility notes:

  • cuTensorNet requires CUDA 11.4 or above

  • cuTensorNet requires cuTENSOR 1.3.3 or above

  • cuTensorNet supports NVIDIA HPC SDK 21.7 or above

Limitation notes:

  • This release is optimized for NVIDIA A100 and V100 GPUs.