cuquantum.custatevec.batch_measure(intptr_t handle, intptr_t sv, int sv_data_type, uint32_t n_index_bits, intptr_t bit_string, bit_ordering, uint32_t bit_string_len, double rand_num, int collapse)[source]

Performs measurement of arbitrary number of single qubits.

  • handle (intptr_t) – The library handle.

  • sv (intptr_t) – The pointer address (as Python int) to the statevector (on device).

  • sv_data_type (cuquantum.cudaDataType) – The data type of the statevector.

  • n_index_bits (uint32_t) – The number of index bits.

  • bit_string (intptr_t) – The pointer address (as Python int) to a host array of measured bit string.

  • bit_ordering

    A host array of bit string ordering. It can be

    • an int as the pointer address to the array

    • a Python sequence of bit ordering

  • bit_string_len (uint32_t) – The length of bit_string.

  • rand_num (double) – A random number in [0, 1).

  • collapse (Collapse) – Indicate the collapse operation.