NVIDIA 2D Image And Signal Performance Primitives (NPP)  Version 10.1.1
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NPP Image Processing


 Arithmetic and Logical Operations
 These functions can be found in the nppial library.
 Color and Sampling Conversion
 Routines manipulating an image's color model and sampling format.
 Image compression primitives.
 Data Exchange and Initialization
 Functions for initializting, copying and converting image data.
 Filtering Functions
 Linear and non-linear image filtering functions.
 Geometry Transforms
 Routines manipulating an image geometry.
 Linear Transforms
 Linear image transformations.
 Morphological Operations
 Morphological image operations.
 Statistical Operations
 Primitives for computing the statistical properties of an image.
 Memory Management
 Routines for allocating and deallocating pitched image storage.
 Threshold and Compare Operations
 Methods for pixel-wise threshold and compare operations.

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