NVIDIA 2D Image And Signal Performance Primitives (NPP)  Version 10.2.*.*
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Data Fields
NppStreamContext Struct Reference

NPP stream context structure must be filled in by application. More...

#include <nppdefs.h>

Data Fields

cudaStream_t hStream
int nCudaDeviceId
int nMultiProcessorCount
int nMaxThreadsPerMultiProcessor
int nMaxThreadsPerBlock
size_t nSharedMemPerBlock
int nCudaDevAttrComputeCapabilityMajor
int nCudaDevAttrComputeCapabilityMinor
int nReserved0
int nReserved1

Detailed Description

NPP stream context structure must be filled in by application.

Application should not initialize or alter reserved fields.

Field Documentation

cudaStream_t NppStreamContext::hStream
int NppStreamContext::nCudaDevAttrComputeCapabilityMajor
int NppStreamContext::nCudaDevAttrComputeCapabilityMinor
int NppStreamContext::nCudaDeviceId
int NppStreamContext::nMaxThreadsPerBlock
int NppStreamContext::nMaxThreadsPerMultiProcessor
int NppStreamContext::nMultiProcessorCount
int NppStreamContext::nReserved0
int NppStreamContext::nReserved1
size_t NppStreamContext::nSharedMemPerBlock

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