Release Notes


  • High throughput JPEG 2000 code streams can now be decoded. All code-blocks have to be HT code-blocks with one HT set and no refinement.

  • CUDA 12 support - Binaries for both CUDA 11 and CUDA 12 are available.

  • Extended allocator support which accepts cuda streams and context information.

  • Memory Padding APIs for both pinned and device memory have been added.

  • Fixed multiple issues which were causing the decoder to hang or crash.

  • Fixed an issue which was causing the encoder to error out when compressing random data.


  • Decoder

    • 4k digital cinema profile support.

    • JPEG 2000 bitstreams with predictable termination enabled can be decoded.

    • Hopper(sm90) support is added.

    • Fixed an issue in the quantization information parser. This was causing decode output corruption in some cases.

    • Fixed a horizontal clipping issue seen with nvjpeg2kDecodeImage(), when an area of interest was decoded.

  • Encoder

    • Fixed an issue which was resulting in wrong output when no of components = 4 and mct mode was enabled.


  • Decoder

    • JPEG 2000 bitstreams with last partition length set to 0 can be decoded.

    • JPEG 2000 bitstreams with cdef jp2 header can be decoded.

    • Bitstream corruption checks have been relaxed.

  • Encoder

    • Multi-tile encoding.

    • All progression orders are supported.

    • Performance improvements for lossy encoding.


  • JPEG2000 encode support added. See nvJPEG2000 Encoder for details.

  • Encode/Decode support added for 420/422 formats with alpha channel (yuva420p).

  • nvJPEG2000 is now available on WSL-Ubuntu.


  • Bitstreams with 422 and 420 chroma sub-sampling are supported.

  • RGB output support for images with 420 and 444 chroma sub-sampling.

  • New nvjpeg2kDecodeImage API added.

  • Inverse discrete wavelet transform performance improvements.


  • New API added for Tile/Resolution based decode.

  • Tiles can be partially decoded by specifying an area of interest.

  • Tiles with multiple partitions are supported.

  • All progression orders are supported.

  • Bitstreams with up to 20 layers can be decoded.


  • nvJPEG2000 is now available on Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

  • Bitstreams with multiple tiles are now supported. Each tile can have a single tile partition.

  • RLCP progression order is supported.

  • Fixed an intermittent issue which was causing the library to produce incorrect decode output.


  • First release of the nvJPEG2000 library.

  • Refer to the Introduction section of the documentation for the list of features supported.