Release Notes


  • Maintainence release.


New features:

  • CUDA 12 support - Binaries for both CUDA 11.x and CUDA 12.x are available.

  • APIs to retrieve GeoTIFF metadata.

  • TIFF files with the following characteristics can now be decoded -

    • TIFF files with multiple images having different properties.

    • Pixel data can be organized as tiles.

    • Planar Configuration can now be Planar Separate.

    • Upto 8 samples per pixel in Planar Contiguous mode.

    • JPEG compression (via nvJPEG).

    • Color space can be Palette or Transparency Mask.

Breaking Changes:

  • nvTiff.h renamed to nvtiff.h

  • Following APIs have been dropped

    • nvTiffFile_t *nvTiffOpen

    • void nvTiffClose

    • void nvTiffDumpRaw

    • void nvTiffPrint

    • void nvTiffH2DAsync

    • int nvTiffDecode

    • int nvTiffDecodeRange

    • int nvTiffDecodeRange


New features:

  • New API added to support zlib decode with nvCOMP Library .

  • Encoder/Decoder supports 16bit and fp32 pixel formats.

  • Hopper (sm90) support is added.

Deprecated Features:

The following APIs will be removed in next release

  • nvTiffFile_t NVTIFFAPI *nvTiffOpen

  • void NVTIFFAPI nvTiffClose

  • void NVTIFFAPI nvTiffDumpRaw

  • void NVTIFFAPI nvTiffPrint

  • void NVTIFFAPI nvTiffH2DAsync

  • int NVTIFFAPI nvTiffDecode

  • int NVTIFFAPI nvTiffDecodeRange

  • int NVTIFFAPI nvTiffDecodeRange


This release tar ball / Windows files will be updated to new installer packages soon.


  • First release of the nvTiff library.

  • Refer to the Introduction section of the documentation for the list of features supported.