NVIDIA cuOpt is NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated platform for operations and logistics that enables near real-time routing optimizations, empowering developers to leverage larger data sets and faster processing, delivering new capabilities like dynamic-rerouting, new algorithms, and sub-second solver response time. NVIDIA cuOpt would easily integrate with most of the applications and accelerate their processing time along with better accuracy.


Operations Research (OR) and logistics are incredibly compute-intensive with massive operational costs. Most problems are NP-hard and the GPUs bring the throughput capabilities needed to fuel the most ambitious heuristics (tabu search, guided local search, ant colony) while supporting the most challenging constraints (multi-capacities, time windows, heterogeneous fleet)

NVIDIA cuOpt is exposed as a fast combinatorial optimization solver available as;

  • Server.

  • Python APIs.

The solver has been tested in Last Mile Delivery applications spanning from retail industries to food services. The team is currently working on expanding to factory and warehouse use cases with a focus on Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).