The CUDA Profiling Tools Interface (CUPTI) enables the creation of profiling and tracing tools that target CUDA applications. CUPTI provides the following APIs: the Activity API, the Callback API, the Event API, the Metric API and the Profiler API. Using these APIs, you can develop profiling tools that give insight into the CPU and GPU behavior of CUDA applications. CUPTI is delivered as a dynamic library on all platforms supported by CUDA.

What's New

CUPTI contains below change as part of the CUDA Toolkit 10.2 release.
  • CUPTI allows tracing features for non-root and non-admin users on desktop platforms. Note that events and metrics profiling is still restricted for non-root and non-admin users. More details about the issue and the solutions can be found on this web page.
  • Added support for tracing features on the virtual GPUs (vGPU).
  • CUPTI no longer turns off the performance characteristics of CUDA Graph when tracing the application.
  • CUPTI now shows memset nodes in the CUDA graph.
  • Fixed the incorrect timing issue for the asynchronous cuMemset/cudaMemset activity.
  • Several performance improvements are done in the tracing path.