Follow these steps to install the NVIDIA GPU Operator:

  1. Installing the Node Feature Discovery (NFD) Operator.

  2. Installing the NVIDIA GPU Operator.

  3. Running a sample GPU Application.

Improvements with version 1.10

NVIDIA GPU operator 1.10 provides support for ARM architecture with OpenShift Container Platform 4.10.


To upgrade the NVIDIA GPU Operator from 1.9 to 1.10 you must uninstall 1.9 and install 1.10. For information about upgrading the OpenShift Container Platform release, see Understanding upgrade channels and releases.

Entitlement-free supported versions

Clean Install

You can deploy the NVIDIA GPU Operator on a clean install of the OpenShift Container Platform (a newly deployed cluster that was not upgraded) without entitlement on the following versions:

  • OpenShift 4.9.9 and above z-streams


The Driver Toolkit, which enables entitlement-free deployments of the GPU Operator, is available for certain z-streams on OpenShift 4.8 and all z-streams on OpenShift 4.9. However, some Driver Toolkit images are broken, so we recommend maintaining entitlements for all OpenShift versions prior to 4.9.9. See broken driver toolkit for more information.

You do not need an entitlement on OpenShift Container Platform versions greater than 4.9.9.

  1. Verify your cluster has the OpenShift Driver toolkit:

    $ oc get -n openshift is/driver-toolkit

    Expected output example:

    NAME             IMAGE REPOSITORY                                                            TAGS                           UPDATED
    driver-toolkit   image-registry.openshift-image-registry.svc:5000/openshift/driver-toolkit   410.84.202203290245-0,latest   47 minutes ago


After an upgrade a bug in OpenShift Cluster Version Operator (BZ#2014071) prevents the proper upgrade of the Driver Toolkit imagestream. A fix for this issue has been merged in the following releases:

  • OpenShift 4.8.21 and above z-streams

  • OpenShift 4.9.5 and above z-streams

  1. Verify your cluster is affected by this bug, search for a tag with an empty name:

    $ oc get -n openshift is/driver-toolkit '-ojsonpath={.spec.tags[?(@.name=="")]}'
  2. As a workaround, delete the broken imagestream and the Cluster Version Operator recreates it:

    $ oc delete -n openshift is/driver-toolkit
    imagestream.image.openshift.io "driver-toolkit" deleted

Broken driver toolkit

OpenShift 4.8.19, 4.8.21, 4.9.8 are known to have a broken Driver Toolkit image. The following messages are recorded in the driver Pod containers. Follow the guidance in enabling a Cluster-wide entitlement and once complete the nvidia-driver-daemonset will automatically fallback. To disable the usage of Driver Toolkit image altogether, edit the ClusterPolicy instance and set driver.use_ocp_driver_toolkit option to false. Also, we recommend maintaining entitlements for OpenShift versions <4.9.9.

$ oc logs nvidia-driver-daemonset-49.84.202111111343-0-6mpw4 -c openshift-driver-toolkit-ctr
+ '[' -f /mnt/shared-nvidia-driver-toolkit/dir_prepared ']'
Waiting for nvidia-driver-ctr container to prepare the shared directory ...
+ echo Waiting for nvidia-driver-ctr container to prepare the shared directory ...
+ sleep 10
+ '[' -f /mnt/shared-nvidia-driver-toolkit/dir_prepared ']'
+ exec /mnt/shared-nvidia-driver-toolkit/ocp_dtk_entrypoint dtk-build-driver
Running dtk-build-driver
WARNING: broken Driver Toolkit image detected:
- Node kernel:    4.18.0-305.25.1.el8_4.x86_64
- Kernel package: 4.18.0-305.28.1.el8_4.x86_64
INFO: informing nvidia-driver-ctr to fallback on entitled-build.
INFO: nothing else to do in openshift-driver-toolkit-ctr container, sleeping forever.
$ oc logs nvidia-driver-daemonset-49.84.202111111343-0-6mpw4 -c nvidia-driver-ctr
Running nv-ctr-run-with-dtk
+ [[ '' == \t\r\u\e ]]
+ [[ ! -f /mnt/shared-nvidia-driver-toolkit/dir_prepared ]]
+ cp -r /tmp/install.sh /usr/local/bin/ocp_dtk_entrypoint /usr/local/bin/nvidia-driver /usr/local/bin/extract-vmlinux /usr/bin/kubectl /usr/local/bin/vgpu-util /drivers /licenses /mnt/shared-nvidia-driver-toolkit/
+ env
+ sed 's/=/="/'
+ sed 's/$/"/'
+ touch /mnt/shared-nvidia-driver-toolkit/dir_prepared
+ set +x
Wed Nov 24 13:36:31 UTC 2021 Waiting for openshift-driver-toolkit-ctr container to start ...
WARNING: broken driver toolkit detected, using entitlement-based fallback