Resources and Documentation#

Hands-on speech recognition tutorial notebooks can be found under the ASR tutorials folder. If you are a beginner to NeMo, consider trying out the ASR with NeMo tutorial. This and most other tutorials can be run on Google Colab by specifying the link to the notebooks’ GitHub pages on Colab.

If you are looking for information about a particular ASR model, or would like to find out more about the model architectures available in the nemo_asr collection, refer to the Models section.

NeMo includes preprocessing scripts for several common ASR datasets. The Datasets section contains instructions on running those scripts. It also includes guidance for creating your own NeMo-compatible dataset, if you have your own data.

Information about how to load model checkpoints (either local files or pretrained ones from NGC), as well as a list of the checkpoints available on NGC are located on the Checkpoints section.

Documentation regarding the configuration files specific to the nemo_asr models can be found on the Configuration Files section.