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nvinfer1::IInt8EntropyCalibrator2 Class Reference

#include <NvInfer.h>

Inheritance diagram for nvinfer1::IInt8EntropyCalibrator2:

Public Member Functions

CalibrationAlgoType getAlgorithm () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from nvinfer1::IInt8Calibrator
virtual int getBatchSize () const =0
 Get the batch size used for calibration batches. More...
virtual bool getBatch (void *bindings[], const char *names[], int nbBindings)=0
 Get a batch of input for calibration. More...
virtual const void * readCalibrationCache (std::size_t &length)=0
 Load a calibration cache. More...
virtual void writeCalibrationCache (const void *ptr, std::size_t length)=0
 Save a calibration cache. More...

Detailed Description

Entropy calibrator 2. This is the preferred calibrator. This is the required calibrator for DLA, as it supports per activation tensor scaling.

Member Function Documentation

CalibrationAlgoType nvinfer1::IInt8EntropyCalibrator2::getAlgorithm ( )

Signal that this is the entropy calibrator 2.

Implements nvinfer1::IInt8Calibrator.

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