nvinfer1::IPluginFactory Class Referenceabstract

Plugin factory for deserialization. More...

#include <NvInferRuntime.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual IPlugincreatePlugin (const char *layerName, const void *serialData, size_t serialLength)=0
 Create a plugin from serialized data. More...

Detailed Description

Plugin factory for deserialization.

This Interface is guaranteed not to change for the same major version of TensorRT.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createPlugin()

virtual IPlugin* nvinfer1::IPluginFactory::createPlugin ( const char *  layerName,
const void *  serialData,
size_t  serialLength 
pure virtual

Create a plugin from serialized data.

Responsibility of destroying this plugin lies with the application. It can be done anytime after consumers of this plugin are destroyed.

layerNameThe name of the layer.
serialDataThe serialized data.
serialLengthThe length of the serialized data.
The plugin.
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