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nvonnxparser::IONNXParser Class Referenceabstract

ONNX Parser Class. More...

#include <NvOnnxParser.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual StatusCode parse ()=0
 Parse the ONNX Model.
virtual StatusCode parse (const char *onnx_filename, nvinfer1::DataType dataType)=0
 Parse the ONNX Model. More...
virtual StatusCode reportParsingInfo ()=0
 Report parsing info.
virtual StatusCode convertToTRTNetwork ()=0
 Convert ONNX model to TensorRT network.
virtual StatusCode writeText () const =0
 Write ASCII Equivalent of ONNX model protbuf file.
virtual StatusCode writeTextWithWeights () const =0
 Write ASCII Equivalent of ONNX model protbuf file includeing the weights.
getTRTNetwork () const =0
 Returns the TRT Network. More...
virtual nvinfer1::ILoggergetLogger ()=0
 Returns the Logger. More...
virtual void destroy ()=0

Detailed Description

ONNX Parser Class.

Member Function Documentation

virtual nvinfer1::ILogger* nvonnxparser::IONNXParser::getLogger ( )
pure virtual

Returns the Logger.

Returns the Logger.
virtual nvinfer1::INetworkDefinition* nvonnxparser::IONNXParser::getTRTNetwork ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the TRT Network.

Returns the object corresponding to the TRT Network.
virtual StatusCode nvonnxparser::IONNXParser::parse ( const char *  onnx_filename,
nvinfer1::DataType  dataType 
pure virtual

Parse the ONNX Model.

onnx_filenameOnnx Model Filename.
dataTypeThe data type.
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