enum RequestStatusCode

Status codes returned for inference server requests. The RequestStatusCode::SUCCESS status code indicates not error, all other codes indicate an error.

enumerator RequestStatusCode::INVALID = 0

Invalid status. Used internally but should not be returned as part of a RequestStatus.

enumerator RequestStatusCode::SUCCESS = 1

Error code indicating success.

enumerator RequestStatusCode::UNKNOWN = 2

Error code indicating an unknown failure.

enumerator RequestStatusCode::INTERNAL = 3

Error code indicating an internal failure.

enumerator RequestStatusCode::NOT_FOUND = 4

Error code indicating a resource or request was not found.

enumerator RequestStatusCode::INVALID_ARG = 5

Error code indicating a failure caused by an unknown argument or value.

enumerator RequestStatusCode::UNAVAILABLE = 6

Error code indicating an unavailable resource.

enumerator RequestStatusCode::UNSUPPORTED = 7

Error code indicating an unsupported request or operation.

enumerator RequestStatusCode::ALREADY_EXISTS = 8

Error code indicating an already existing resource.

message RequestStatus

Status returned for all inference server requests. The RequestStatus provides a RequestStatusCode, an optional status message, and server and request IDs.

RequestStatusCode code

The status code.

string msg

The optional status message.

string server_id

The identifying string for the server that is returning this status.

string request_id

Unique identifier for the request assigned by the inference server. Value 0 (zero) indicates the request ID is not known.