TensorRT  8.0.2
nvinfer1::IProfiler Class Referenceabstract

Application-implemented interface for profiling. More...

#include <NvInferRuntime.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void reportLayerTime (const char *layerName, float ms) noexcept=0
 Layer time reporting callback. More...

Detailed Description

Application-implemented interface for profiling.

When this class is added to an execution context, the profiler will be called once per layer for each invocation of execute(). Note that enqueue() does not currently support profiling.

The profiler will only be called after execution is complete. It has a small impact on execution time.

Member Function Documentation

◆ reportLayerTime()

virtual void nvinfer1::IProfiler::reportLayerTime ( const char *  layerName,
float  ms 
pure virtualnoexcept

Layer time reporting callback.

layerNameThe name of the layer, set when constructing the network definition.
msThe time in milliseconds to execute the layer.

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