Debug Listener


class tensorrt.IDebugListener(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.IDebugListener) None

A user-implemented class for notification when value of a debug tensor is updated.

__init__(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.IDebugListener) None
process_debug_tensor(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.IDebugListener, addr: capsule, location: tensorrt.TensorLocation, type: tensorrt.tensorrt.DataType, shape: tensorrt.tensorrt.Dims, name: str, stream: int) None

User implemented callback function that is called when value of a debug tensor is updated and the debug state of the tensor is set to true. Content in the given address is only guaranteed to be valid for the duration of the callback.

  • location – TensorLocation of the tensor

  • addr – pointer to buffer

  • type – data Type of the tensor

  • shape – shape of the tensor

  • name – name name of the tensor

  • stream – Cuda stream object


True on success, False otherwise.