class tensorrt.ICaffePluginFactoryV2

Plugin factory used to configure plugins.

create_plugin(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ICaffePluginFactoryV2, layer_name: str, weights: std::vector<nvinfer1::Weights, std::allocator<nvinfer1::Weights> >) tensorrt.tensorrt.IPluginV2

Creates a plugin.

arg layer_name

Name of layer associated with the plugin.

arg weights

Weights used for the layer.


The newly created IPluginV2 .

is_plugin_v2(self: tensorrt.tensorrt.ICaffePluginFactoryV2, layer_name: str) bool

A user implemented function that determines if a layer configuration is provided by an IPluginV2 .


layer_name – Name of the layer which the user wishes to validate.


True if the layer configuration is provided by an IPluginV2 .