TensorRT 8.6.0
NvInferRuntimeCommon.h File Reference

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class  nvinfer1::IPluginRegistry
 Single registration point for all plugins in an application. It is used to find plugin implementations during engine deserialization. Internally, the plugin registry is considered to be a singleton so all plugins in an application are part of the same global registry. Note that the plugin registry is only supported for plugins of type IPluginV2 and should also have a corresponding IPluginCreator implementation. More...


namespace  nvinfer1
 The TensorRT API version 1 namespace.

Detailed Description

This file provides the nvinfer1::IPluginRegistry interface, which will be moved to the NvInferRuntime.h header in TensorRT 9.0.

This file will be removed in TensorRT 9.0.
Do not directly include this file. Instead include NvInferRuntime.h