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# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Copyright (c) 1993-2024 NVIDIA CORPORATION & AFFILIATES. All rights reserved.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
import copy

from polygraphy import constants, mod, util
from polygraphy.logger import G_LOGGER
from import util as args_util
from import RunnerSelectArgs
from import BaseArgs
from import (
from import DataLoaderArgs
from import ComparatorPostprocessArgs
from import inline, make_invocable, safe

[docs] @mod.export() class ComparatorRunArgs(BaseArgs): """ Comparator Inference: running inference via ````. Depends on: - DataLoaderArgs """ def add_parser_args_impl(self): "--warm-up", metavar="NUM", help="Number of warm-up runs before timing inference", type=int, default=None, ) "--use-subprocess", help="Run runners in isolated subprocesses. Cannot be used with a debugger", action="store_true", default=None, ) "--save-inputs", "--save-input-data", help="Path to save inference inputs. " "The inputs (List[Dict[str, numpy.ndarray]]) will be encoded as JSON and saved", default=None, dest="save_inputs_path", ) "--save-outputs", "--save-results", help="Path to save results from runners. " "The results (RunResults) will be encoded as JSON and saved", default=None, dest="save_outputs_path", )
[docs] def parse_impl(self, args): """ Parses command-line arguments and populates the following attributes: Attributes: warm_up (int): The number of warm-up runs to perform. use_subprocess (bool): Whether to run each runner in a subprocess. save_inputs_path (str): The path at which to save input data. save_outputs_path (str): The path at which to save output data. """ self.warm_up = args_util.get(args, "warm_up") self.use_subprocess = args_util.get(args, "use_subprocess") self.save_inputs_path = args_util.get(args, "save_inputs_path") self.save_outputs_path = args_util.get(args, "save_outputs_path")
def add_to_script_impl(self, script): script.add_import(imports=["Comparator"], frm="polygraphy.comparator") RESULTS_VAR_NAME = inline(safe("results")) comparator_run = make_invocable( "", script.get_runners(), warm_up=self.warm_up, data_loader=self.arg_groups[DataLoaderArgs].add_to_script(script), use_subprocess=self.use_subprocess, save_inputs_path=self.save_inputs_path, ) script.append_suffix( safe( "\n# Runner Execution\n{results} = {:}", comparator_run, results=RESULTS_VAR_NAME, ) ) if self.save_outputs_path: G_LOGGER.verbose(f"Will save runner results to: {self.save_outputs_path}") script.add_import(imports=["util"], frm="polygraphy") script.append_suffix( safe( "\n# Save results\n{results}.save({:})", self.save_outputs_path, results=RESULTS_VAR_NAME, ) ) return RESULTS_VAR_NAME
[docs] @mod.export() class ComparatorCompareArgs(BaseArgs): """ Comparator Comparisons: inference output comparisons. Depends on: - CompareFuncSimpleArgs - CompareFuncIndicesArgs - RunnerSelectArgs - ComparatorPostprocessArgs: if allow_postprocessing == True """ def __init__(self, allow_postprocessing: bool = None): """ Args: allow_postprocessing (bool): Whether to post-processing of outputs before comparison. Defaults to True. """ super().__init__() self._allow_postprocessing = util.default(allow_postprocessing, True) def add_parser_args_impl(self): self._comparison_func_map = { "simple": self.arg_groups[CompareFuncSimpleArgs], "indices": self.arg_groups[CompareFuncIndicesArgs], } "--validate", help="Check outputs for NaNs and Infs", action="store_true", default=None, ) "--fail-fast", help="Fail fast (stop comparing after the first failure)", action="store_true", default=None, ) "--compare", "--compare-func", help="Name of the function to use to perform comparison. See the API documentation for `CompareFunc` for details. " "Defaults to 'simple'. ", choices=list(self._comparison_func_map.keys()), default="simple", dest="compare", ) "--compare-func-script", help="[EXPERIMENTAL] Path to a Python script that defines a function that can compare two iteration results. " "This function must have a signature of: `(IterationResult, IterationResult) -> OrderedDict[str, bool]`. " "For details, see the API documentation for `Comparator.compare_accuracy()`. " "If provided, this will override all other comparison function options. " "By default, Polygraphy looks for a function called `compare_outputs`. You can specify a custom function name " "by separating it with a colon. For example: ``", default=None, ) "--load-outputs", "--load-results", help="Path(s) to load results from runners prior to comparing. " "Each file should be a JSON-ified RunResults", nargs="+", default=[], dest="load_outputs_paths", )
[docs] def parse_impl(self, args): """ Parses command-line arguments and populates the following attributes: Attributes: validate (bool): Whether to run output validation. load_outputs_paths (List[str]): Path(s) from which to load outputs. fail_fast (bool): Whether to fail fast. compare_func (str): The name of the comparison function to use. compare_func_script (str): Path to a script defining a custom comparison function. compare_func_name (str): The name of the function in the script that runs comparison. """ self.validate = args_util.get(args, "validate") self.load_outputs_paths = args_util.get(args, "load_outputs_paths") self.fail_fast = args_util.get(args, "fail_fast") self.compare_func = args_util.get(args, "compare") # Show warnings for any options provided for unselected comparison functions unselected_comparison_funcs = copy.copy(self._comparison_func_map) del unselected_comparison_funcs[self.compare_func] for name, arg_group in unselected_comparison_funcs.items(): for action in if args_util.get(args, action.dest) is not None: G_LOGGER.warning( f"Option: {'/'.join(action.option_strings)} is only valid for comparison function: '{name}'. " f"The selected comparison function is: '{self.compare_func}', so this option will be ignored." ) self.compare_func_script, self.compare_func_name = ( args_util.parse_script_and_func_name( args_util.get(args, "compare_func_script"), default_func_name="compare_outputs", ) )
[docs] def add_to_script_impl(self, script, results_name): """ Args: results_name (str): The name of the variable containing results from ````. Returns: str: The name of the variable containing the status of ``Comparator.compare_accuracy()``. """ script.add_import(imports=["Comparator"], frm="polygraphy.comparator") if self.load_outputs_paths: script.add_import(imports=["util"], frm="polygraphy") script.add_import(imports=["RunResults"], frm="polygraphy.comparator") script.append_suffix( safe( "\n# Load results\nfor load_output in {:}:\n{tab}{results}.extend(RunResults.load(load_output))", self.load_outputs_paths, results=results_name, tab=inline(safe(constants.TAB)), ) ) if self._allow_postprocessing: results_name = self.arg_groups[ComparatorPostprocessArgs].add_to_script( script, results_name ) SUCCESS_VAR_NAME = inline(safe("success")) script.append_suffix(safe("\n{success} = True", success=SUCCESS_VAR_NAME)) if ( len(self.arg_groups[RunnerSelectArgs].runners) > 1 or self.load_outputs_paths ): # Only do comparisons if there's actually something to compare. script.append_suffix(safe("# Accuracy Comparison")) if self.compare_func_script is not None: script.add_import( imports=["InvokeFromScript"], frm="polygraphy.backend.common" ) compare_func = make_invocable( "InvokeFromScript", self.compare_func_script, name=self.compare_func_name, ) else: compare_func = self._comparison_func_map[ self.compare_func ].add_to_script(script) compare_accuracy = make_invocable( "Comparator.compare_accuracy", results_name, compare_func=compare_func, fail_fast=self.fail_fast, ) script.append_suffix( safe( "{success} &= bool({:})\n", compare_accuracy, success=SUCCESS_VAR_NAME, ) ) if self.validate: script.append_suffix( safe( "# Validation\n{success} &= Comparator.validate({results}, check_inf=True, check_nan=True)\n", success=SUCCESS_VAR_NAME, results=results_name, ) ) return SUCCESS_VAR_NAME