You are currently viewing an out-of-date version of the Triton documentation. For the latest documentation visit the Triton documentation on GitHub.

Contributions to Triton Inference Server are more than welcome. To contribute make a pull request and follow the guidelines outlined in the CONTRIBUTING document.

Coding Convention

Use clang-format to format all source files (*.h, *.cc, *.proto) to a consistent format. You should run clang-format on all source files before submitting a pull request:

$ apt-get install clang-format clang-format-6.0
$ clang-format-6.0 --style=file -i *.proto *.cc *.h

For convenience there is a script in tools/ that can be used to clang-format all files within the repo:

$ cd .../triton-inference-server    # top-level of repo
$ python *