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The TRITONSERVER API is versioned with major and minor version numbers. Any change to the API that does not impact backwards compatibility (for example, adding a non-required function) increases the minor version number. Any change that breaks backwards compatibility (for example, deleting or changing the behavior of a function) increases the major version number. A client should check that the API version used to compile the client is compatible with the API version of the Triton shared library that it is linking against. This is typically done by code similar to the following which makes sure that the major versions are equal and that the minor version of the Triton shared library is >= the minor version used to build the client.

uint32_t api_version_major, api_version_minor; TRITONSERVER_ApiVersion(&api_version_major, &api_version_minor); if ((api_version_major != TRITONSERVER_API_VERSION_MAJOR) || (api_version_minor < TRITONSERVER_API_VERSION_MINOR)) { return TRITONSERVER_ErrorNew( TRITONSERVER_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED, “triton server API version does not support this client”); }