Function CustomExecute

Function Documentation

int CustomExecute(void *custom_context, uint32_t payload_cnt, CustomPayload *payloads, CustomGetNextInputFn_t input_fn, CustomGetOutputFn_t output_fn)

Execute the custom model using the version 1 implementation of the execute interface.

This function must be defined when the custom backend returns 1 from CustomVersion (or when CustomVersion is not defined)


An error code. Zero indicates success, all other values indicate failure. Use CustomErrorString to get the error string for an error code.

  • custom_context: The custom state associated with the context that should execute. Can be nullptr if no custom state.

  • payload_cnt: The number of payloads to execute.

  • payloads: The payloads to execute.

  • input_fn: The callback function to get tensor input (see CustomGetNextInputFn_t).

  • output_fn: The callback function to get buffer for tensor output (see CustomGetOutputFn_t).