Function TRITONSERVER_InferenceRequestAddInput

Function Documentation

TRITONSERVER_Error *TRITONSERVER_InferenceRequestAddInput(TRITONSERVER_InferenceRequest *inference_request, const char *name, const TRITONSERVER_DataType datatype, const int64_t *shape, uint64_t dim_count)

Add an input to a request.


a TRITONSERVER_Error indicating success or failure.

  • inference_request: The request object.

  • name: The name of the input.

  • datatype: The type of the input. Valid type names are BOOL, UINT8, UINT16, UINT32, UINT64, INT8, INT16, INT32, INT64, FP16, FP32, FP64, and BYTES.

  • shape: The shape of the input.

  • dim_count: The number of dimensions of ‘shape’.