Function TRITONSERVER_ServerModelTransactionProperties

Function Documentation

TRITONSERVER_Error *TRITONSERVER_ServerModelTransactionProperties(TRITONSERVER_Server *server, const char *model_name, const int64_t model_version, uint32_t *txn_flags, void **voidp)

Get the transaction policy of the model.

The policy is communicated by a flags value.

  • TRITONSERVER_TXN_ONE_TO_ONE: The model generates exactly one response per request.

  • TRITONSERVER_TXN_DECOUPLED: The model may generate zero to many responses per request.


a TRITONSERVER_Error indicating success or failure.

  • server: The inference server object.

  • model_name: The name of the model.

  • model_version: The version of the model. If -1 then the server will choose a version based on the model’s policy.

  • txn_flags: Returns flags indicating the transaction policy of the model.

  • voidp: If non-nullptr, returns a point specific to the ‘flags’ value.