Function TRTSERVER_InferenceRequestProviderSetInputData

Function Documentation

TRTSERVER_Error *TRTSERVER_InferenceRequestProviderSetInputData(TRTSERVER_InferenceRequestProvider *request_provider, const char *name, const void *base, size_t byte_size, TRTSERVER_Memory_Type memory_type, int64_t memory_type_id)

Assign a buffer of data to an input.

The buffer will be appended to any existing buffers for that input. The ‘request_provider’ takes ownership of the buffer and so the caller should not modify or free the buffer until that ownership is released when ‘request_provider’ is deleted. The total size of data that is provided for an input must equal the value returned by TRTSERVER_InferenceRequestProviderInputBatchByteSize().


a TRTSERVER_Error indicating success or failure.

  • request_provider: The request provider object.

  • name: The name of the input.

  • base: The base address of the input data.

  • byte_size: The size, in bytes, of the input data.

  • memory_type: The memory type of the input data.

  • memory_type_id: The memory type id of the input data.