Typedef TRITONSERVER_ResponseAllocatorReleaseFn_t

Typedef Documentation

typedef TRITONSERVER_Error *(*TRITONSERVER_ResponseAllocatorReleaseFn_t)(TRITONSERVER_ResponseAllocator *allocator, void *buffer, void *buffer_userp, size_t byte_size, TRITONSERVER_MemoryType memory_type, int64_t memory_type_id)

Type for function that is called when the server no longer holds any reference to a buffer allocated by TRITONSERVER_ResponseAllocatorAllocFn_t.

In practice this function is typically called when the response object associated with the buffer is deleted by TRITONSERVER_InferenceResponseDelete.


a TRITONSERVER_Error object if a failure occurs while attempting the release. If an error is returned Triton will not attempt to release the buffer again.

  • allocator: The allocator that is provided in the call to TRITONSERVER_InferenceRequestSetResponseCallback.

  • buffer: Pointer to the buffer to be freed.

  • buffer_userp: The user-specified value associated with the buffer in TRITONSERVER_ResponseAllocatorAllocFn_t.

  • byte_size: The size of the buffer.

  • memory_type: The type of memory holding the buffer.

  • memory_type_id: The ID of the memory holding the buffer.