Welcome to the DGX Zone

The DGX Zone is a place for DGX users and Ops teams to find supplemental information and instructions for configuring and using DGX systems. It includes topics beyond those covered in the user guides. NVIDIA has created the DGX family as appliances to make administration and operation as simple as possible. However, like any computational resource, they still require configuration changes for integrating then into a customer's infrastructure.


The Guides section includes best practices and examples for provisionoing DGX systems as a single system or as part of a cluster. It also covers topics for sharing a system or cluster of systems for tyipcal AI applications, and discusses plans for external storage, networking, and other configuration aspects for the DGX.


The DGX Lab section covers additional software we have developed internally, and which have not yet been promoted to a product. They are provided as-is and available either in the form of open source projects or binary packages from the dgx-lab repository. They come with no guarantee and support agreements. Users can reach out to the community and developers through the DGX User Forum.

Additional Information

DGX Product Information

This is the main DGX product page from NVIDIA with data sheets, and links to white papers and solutions.

DGX Systems Documentation

This is the main DGX document section with guides and release notes for the supported hardware and software.

DGX User Forum

The DGX User Forum is an open forum for any questions regarding DGX.


DGX systems are custom-designed for the use of AI applications. The NGC Catalog provides tested and qualified software for various AI frameworks and applications.