Version EL8-20.11

The DGX Software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, EL8-20.11, is available.

EL8-20.11 supports the following DGX products - DGX A100, DGX-2, DGX-1, and DGX Station.

Important: Installing or updating to EL8-20.11 also updates the installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 distribution to the latest version. If you require use of the Mellanox OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution for Linux (MLNX_OFED), then before installing or updating to EL8-20.11, be sure that there is a MLNX_OFED package version available that supports the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 version.

See also the Compatibility section for more information.

Change Highlights

  • Initial release of the DGX for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 software stack
  • Additional updates

    Upgrading or updating a system replaces the installed packages with the latest versions available from NVIDIA at the time the system is updated. These packages include security updates and corrections for other high-impact bugs, with focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with earlier versions. The following table lists the updates that have been made to the NVIDIA repository since release of EL8-20.11.

    Table 1.
    Update Date Package Version Description
    June 9, 2021 NVIDIA System Management (NVSM) 20.09.26 Added check for homogeneity of PSUs for DGX A100.

Software Contents

The following table provides version information for software included in the DGX Software Stack for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Note: Unlike the DGX OS shipped with the NVIDIA DGX system, the DGX software stack for Red Hat does not include the Mellanox OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (MLNX_OFED) for Linux. When using MLNX_OFED with Red Hat, ensure you install a supported MLNX_OFED kernel version to avoid incompatibilities with the Red Hat distribution kernel. Refer to the DGX Software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Installation Guide for instructions.
Table 2. Contents of the Repositories
Component Versions in the Release 450 Driver Package
GPU Driver 450.80.02
NVIDIA System Management (NVSM) 20.09.26
Data Center GPU Management (DCGM) 2.0.13
DGX Station Theme

dgxstation-desktop - 19.10-0

dgx-gnome - 19.10-0

CUDA Toolkit CUDA 11.2
Docker Engine 19.03.13
nvidia-container-runtime 3.4.0-1


NVIDIA has validated and tested the DGX Software version EL8-20.11 with the following:
  • Linux Distribution
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3
    • CentOS 8.3
  • NVIDIA DGX systems
    • NVIDIA DGX A100
    • NVIDIA DGX-2
    • NVIDIA DGX-1 (V100)
    • NVIDIA DGX Station
Important: Currently, the Mellanox cards are not supported with Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 8.4. To stay on Release 8.3:
  • During the initial installation, select a Red Hat Enterprise Linux ISO image for version 8.3 to install.
  • When performing an update, as part of the initial installation or after an installation, issue the following command to pin the release to 8.3 and then perform the update:
    sudo subscription-manager release --set=8.3
    sudo dnf update -y --nobest

NVIDIA acknowledges the wide use of CentOS and understands that it is a community-developed derivative of the NVIDIA supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Support for CentOS is available directly from the CentOS community. NVIDIA ensures that NVIDIA provided software runs on tested CentOS versions and will try to identify and correct issues related to NVIDIA provided software.

Update Instructions

See the section Installing and Updating the Software for instructions.