NVIDIA DRIVE 5.0 Foundation SDK

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Profiling Boot Time
This topic describes how to profile the amount of time it takes to boot the SDK on NVIDIA DRIVE platforms.
You have correctly installed the NVIDIA® Foundation release as described in Installing Foundation.
To disable SC7-related support in MB1
Normally, the platform goes into SC7 when certain actions are performed. You can disable that behavior by changing the related configuration file, as described below.
1. Locate and edit following file
2. Ensure that the value for disable_sc7 is set to 1.
This setting disables the execution of code related to SC7.
To disable UART logging
1. In the following file:
(where <top> is the directory where you installed the SDK), change the value for debug.enable_log to 0. This disables the UART logs of MB1 and MB2.
2. If previously enabled, disable UART messages from the Linux kernel by running bootburn with the -k option or by adding quiet to the flashing configuration file.
To disable BPMP UART logging
1. Edit the following file:
to convert the following lines to comments:
/*serial {
port = <7>;
2. Run make to rebuild the device tree.