NVIDIA DRIVE 5.0 Foundation SDK

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Tag-Based VLAN Configuration on DRIVE PX 2-ACH
This diagram shows the default port-based VLAN configuration. This configuration is implemented in AURIX firmware version 2.02.02 and later.
A tag-based VLAN network is set up between the Tegra A, Tegra B, and Aurix nodes. This network uses VLAN ID 200. To set up this network the eth0.200 interface is enabled on Tegra A and Tegra B, and a VTU entry is added in the Marvell Ethernet switch. The purpose this network is to allow secure, reliable Tegra-AURIX communication using static IP addresses.
The AURIX software does not support VLAN based communication. Therefore VLAN tags are stripped going in and added coming out on the AURIX-facing port (P5) of the Marvell switch.