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nvmedia_core.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Media Interface: Core

Description: This file contains the Core data types and API.

Definition in file nvmedia_core.h.

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Data Structures

struct  NvMediaColor
 Holds a constant RGBA color. More...
struct  NvMediaRect
 Holds a rectangular region of a surface. More...
struct  NvMediaPoint
 Holds a location on a 2-dimensional object. More...
struct  NvMediaROI
 Holda a Region of Interest. More...
struct  NvMediaTaskStatus
 Holds status of latest operation for NvMedia managed data structure. More...
struct  NvMediaVersion
 Holds NvMedia Version information. More...


#define __NVM_DEPRECATED__
 Major Version number. More...
 Minor Version number. More...
 Major Version number. More...
 Minor Version number. More...
 A true NvMediaBool value. More...
 A false NvMediaBool value. More...


typedef uint32_t NvMediaBool
 A boolean value, holding NVMEDIA_TRUE or NVMEDIA_FALSE. More...
typedef struct timespec NvMediaTime
 Holds the media time (timespec as defined by the POSIX specification). More...
typedef uint64_t NvMediaGlobalTime
 Media global time, measured in microseconds. More...
typedef void NvMediaDevice
 An opaque handle representing a NvMediaDevice object. More...
typedef void NvMediaPalette
 A handle representing a palette object. More...


enum  NvMediaColorStandard {
 Defines color standards. More...
enum  NvMediaStatus {
 The set of all possible error codes. More...


NvMediaStatus NvMediaReleaseGetVersion (NvMediaVersion *version)
 Gets the release version information for the NvMedia library. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMediaCoreGetVersion (NvMediaVersion *version)
 Gets the core version information for the NvMedia library. More...
NvMediaDeviceNvMediaDeviceCreate (void)
 Creates an NvMediaDevice. More...
void NvMediaDeviceDestroy (NvMediaDevice *device)
 Destroys an NvMediaDevice. More...
NvMediaPaletteNvMediaPaletteCreate (NvMediaDevice *device)
 Create a 256 element RGBA palette suitable for use with NvMediaVideoMixer. More...
void NvMediaPaletteDestroy (NvMediaPalette *palette)
 Destroys a palette created by NvMediaPaletteCreate. More...
void NvMediaPaletteLoad (NvMediaDevice *device, NvMediaPalette *palette, uint32_t *rgba)
 Upload the palette data. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __NVM_DEPRECATED__

Definition at line 38 of file nvmedia_core.h.

#define __NVM_DEPRECATED_MSG__ (   fmt)    __NVM_DEPRECATED__

Definition at line 39 of file nvmedia_core.h.