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Ethernet Network Topology in AV Configuration
This section describes the ethernet network topology in AV configuration. This chapter only pertains to AV configurations and no other PCT configurations.
HSD 100M/1G path, either Lidar Sub-Network or External Network, cannot co-exist.
The image above details the ethernet network topology in AV configuration.
Below are some highlights of topology:
1. Networks are configured through systemd-networkd.
2. Tegra to AURIX communication works over eth0 VLAN 200.
3. Lidar and Radar traffic is over both 1G and 100MB HSD interfaces (all configured for 100 Mbps).
4. Applications use alias addresses: eth0:400 to receive lidar data, eth0:900 to receive radar data.
5. Each Xavier has one RJ45 10G port assigned, the port is enumerated as enp4s0 on Xavier A and enp3s0 on Xavier B. PCIe switch (PM8534) configuration use case 4.0 (the default in DRIVE AGX boards) provides this mapping.
6. For Hyperion-7.1 car configuration, the Xavier A and B Linux-AV guest VMs have access to the external network using the RJ45 10G interfaces.
For Desktop configuration internet access can be provided through the Dual GbE dongle as described in the “Setting up your Board -> Connecting the Platform” section.
7. DRIVE OTA is a Linux application running in the Guest OS on both Xavier A and B.
8. OTA application in the Guest OS of Xavier A manages firmware downloads and installations. OTA application in the Guest OS of Xavier B manages log upload.
9. OTA application running in Guest OS for Xavier A and Xavier B has external network access through 10G interface. 
10. OTA applications running in Guest OS for Xavier A and Xavier B uses eth0 VLAN 200 as the communication channel.
Static IP addresses are configured and illustrated for the DRIVE SW/Hyperion-7.1 use case, Adjustments are expected to customize network configurations.
The following describes a few known use cases supported over this network topology:
OTA image downloads from internet.
AURIX f/w update from Xavier-A Linux-AV guest.
AURIX communication over VLAN200 from Linux-AV guest for camera power control.