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NvMediaISPBadPixelStats Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Holds controls for bad pixel statistics (BP Stats).

Definition at line 1422 of file nvmedia_isp.h.

Collaboration diagram for NvMediaISPBadPixelStats:

Data Fields

NvMediaBool enable
 Holds boolean to enable bad pixel statistics block. More...
NvMediaRect rectangularMask
 Holds rectangular mask for selecting pixels. More...

Field Documentation

NvMediaBool NvMediaISPBadPixelStats::enable

Holds boolean to enable bad pixel statistics block.

Bad Pixel Correction also must be enabled to get bad pixels statistics.

Definition at line 1427 of file nvmedia_isp.h.

NvMediaRect NvMediaISPBadPixelStats::rectangularMask

Holds rectangular mask for selecting pixels.

Coordinates of image top-left & bottom-right points are (0, 0) & (width, height) respectively. Either memset the rectangle to 0 or set it to include full image to have no rectangular mask.

  • Supported values: Rectangle must be within input image & must be a valid rectangle ((right > left) && (bottom > top)), minimum supported rectangular mask size is 4x4 Constrains: All left, top, bottom & right coordinates must be even.

Definition at line 1440 of file nvmedia_isp.h.

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