NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Communications and Security Services

Developer Guide Release

Profiling Boot Time
This topic describes how to profile the amount of time it takes to boot the NVIDIA DRIVE OS.
The Foundation Services package is installed.
To disable SC7-related support in MB1
Normally, the platform goes into SC7 when certain actions are performed. This behavior can be disabled by modifying the related configuration file as follows:
1. Navigate to the configuration at:
2. Ensure that the value for disable_sc7 is set to 1.
This setting disables the execution of code related to SC7.
To disable UART logging
1. Navigate to the configuration file at:
2. Modify the value for debug.enable_uart to 0.
This disables the UART logs of MB1 and MB2.
3. If previously enabled, disable UART messages from the Linux kernel by running bootburn with the -k option or by adding quiet to the flashing configuration file.
To disable BPMP UART logging
1. Navigate to the following DTSI file:
Where <board_and_rev> is as specified in the Release Notes.
2. Locate the following include text.
#include “parts/policy/serial-log-warn.dtsi”
3. Replace that include text as follows:
#include “parts/policy/serial-empty.dtsi”
4. Delete the following include text.
#include “parts/policy/serial-3-comb-uart-dtsi”