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Network Topology for AV+L PCT Config
This section describes the network topology in AV configuration. This chapter only pertains to AV configurations and not other PCT configurations.
Xavier-B also has symmetric bridge topology like Xavier-A. This is not shown in the image above for simplicity.
The image above details the network topology in AV configuration.
Below are some highlights of topology:
1. Both 1G network and 10G network can be connected to the external network.
2. VLAN interface is created on 1G interface on AV VM.
3. OTA server has no external network access.
4. OTA server has dedicated hvnet interface to AV VM.
5. Tegra to AURIX communication works over VLAN.
6. With default PCIe switch config flashed (usecase4.0.pmc), both Xaviers have their own 10G RJ45 interface. The interface mapping is as below:
10Gbe 1 - > Xavier - B
10Gbe 2 -> Xavier - A
The following describes a few known use cases supported over this network topology:
AURIX f/w update from Xavier-A AV guest
AURIX communication over VLAN200 from AV guest for camera power control.