NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release

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Image Sensor Control (ISC)

Detailed Description

The Image Sensor Control API encompasses all NvMedia I2C control related functions, including programming of all I2C controlled components such as deserializers, serializers, EEPROMs, and image sensors.

NvMediaISC needs a device driver for each attached device. This provides the flexibility of adding new devices easily.

Data Structures

struct  NvMediaISCDevice
 Holds the handle for an NvMediaISCDevice object. More...


 Basic ISC Types
 The Image Sensor Control API provides common ISC processing functions.
 ISC Device
 An ISC device represents a device that is attached or linked to the root I2C port.
 ISC Device Driver
 Program elements related to NvMediaISCDeviceDriver, which defines a device driver.
 ISC Root Device
 Manage NvMediaISCRootDevice objects, which represent the root of the Nvmedia ISC object system.
 ISC Version Information
 Provides version information for the NvMedia ISC library.